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The tips here will help you catch more big carp

March 3, 2017 no comments Tips and Tricks

Heres a few tips to take your carp fishing to another level

First of all we’ll look at….

Link Length


The length of your link is so much more important than changing your presentation to some fancy anti-eject, suck and blow set-up. A three inch link can be enough to get those tricky carp where everyone else is failing using 6 inches. And there’s a huge mileage the other way, too – a 12 – 15 in. link is as rare as rocking horse …..

When replacing a link that has caught a big carp, always make sure that the new one is the same length again as the previous successful one. Measure  the lengths that you are using and look for trends in your success rate.

Hook Bait


If there’s one thing that can mean the difference between catching and blanking, it’s always hook bait. Carp are incredibly fickle about what they will eat and what they don’t eat. Experiment on your different rods with different flavours, colours and shapes of boilie and pop-up, to plastic or tigers, Peperami, maggots and pellets. Once you hit on a sure winner you’ll be glad you tried all these different baits.


Fish accurately. The difference between consistent catchers and those who land just occasional carp is being able to drop end tackles back on productive spots and over baited areas whether it is daytime or at night, blowing a gale or lashing down with rain. Once you have located likely spots and baited up, you must mark your main line and use spool clips, so that you can land rigs back exactly on the same spots time and time again. A roll of electrical tape will mark your lines and will last you for a season or more.



Carp are incredibly aware of end tackle, and anything we can do to make it less obvious can increase the likelihood of carp feeding confidently and carelessly and taking the bait. Lead core and pre-formed nylon leaders are standard issue, but don’t sit line down along the bottom anywhere near as reliably as several lumps of tungsten putty behind the end tackle, which will help conceal line even when it is running over large stones, dead weed, sunken twigs or over chances in depth close to the hook and bait.

Scale down a little

Is your tackle unnecessarily crude? if you’re chasing 30s and 40s and a few bites a year are a good result, then big irons and stiff links probably won’t make a bit of difference to your results. For the majority of carp fishermen who are trying to catch doubles, 20s and, if they are lucky a 30, then small, strong hooks offer improved presentation and more action. There are lots to choose from, and dropping from a size 6 to a size 10 can give your results a shot in the arm.